Product Reviews

Sarah Choo, Educator, 30
The Day Glower is a great product! It is non-greasy and skin is immediately nourished. Just dabbing on a little makes enough coverage and yet does not have a dry feeling. Plus it absorbs well.
I really love how the products from Auolive are perfect for my sensitive skin. The products are not only easy to apply, but also save me a lot of time in the mornings by combining my pivotal morning skincare products into one bottle. The radiance revealer is my top favourite. I love how it helps to lift my dead skin cells, and how my skin feels so smooth after the dirt is flushed out! It really does help brighten my skin :)
Cassandra, 20s, Student
"I was really excited to try out Auolive's products because prior to this, I never had the time or patience to slather skincare products on my face. I just cleanse my face daily and sleep/wake. Thus when I was introduced to Auolive, I knew it was the perfect solution! I'm hooked and I doubt there's any other skincare I can use so conveniently and quickly, for now my skincare routine only takes a minute everyday! My favourite product is the Night Booster because I love how it's packed full of collagen that my skin readily absorbs!"

Kai Ting, 20s, Real Estate Salesperson
"我喜欢用Day Glower, 早上用它,我能轻易的上妆。我只需要洗好脸,涂上Day Glower便行。涂抹很容易,吸收的很快,也是很好的粉底。涂上后我的脸不被阳光伤到,即使没有化妆也容光焕发。"

Lilin Khoo, Educator, 30s
Melissa, Hotelier, 20s
Angela, Civil Servant, 30s
对我来说,欧丽芙(Auolive)Day Glower是上天所赐给我的一个大礼物。我有一个很忙碌的时间表。我经常需要在极短时间内出差工作,所以我准备好一瓶Day Glower,任何行程,任何天气,都能成行。我把它放在手提包里,作为随时能用的润肤霜。就是在寒冷干燥的国家里,早晨洗完脸后,就把它涂抹上脸。我就是喜欢这样,简单,好用。
When buying eye creams, it's important that it doesn't cause milia seeds around the eyes. The Auolive Eyes Lifter hydrates my eye area without causing milia seeds, which is good!
Koh Leok Si, Business Owner, 29

Eyes Lifter 品评-在選购眼霜时,要注意選择水性的产品,以防止眼睛周围出现黑头。 在選购眼霜时,很重要的,要知道它会不会在眼睛周围,导致黑头的出现。欧丽芙(Auolive)Eyes Lifter,滋润我的眼睛周围的皮肤,而不会引起黑头的出现,这是很好的!
"用了Day Glower 两星期后,我的皮肤更加充满水分和容光焕发。Night Booster吸收能力很好,我的皮肤质感的改善是立即可见的。"

Sino Koh, Accountant, 30s, Singapore 使用Day Glower 和Night Booster两星期后的品评。
用了Eyes Lifter后,我的眼睛周围,得到更好的滋润,黑眼圈也没有那么明显了。
Claressa Sim, Business Owner, 30, Singapore

用过Eyes Lifter 两星期后,黑眼圈有所改善。
Loy Kiet Mei, Public Servant, 29, Singapore
属于混合性皮肤的女性,用过Day Glower后品评。
我的皮肤是属于混合性的,早上通常是干燥的,接着下来就开始出油。自从使用Day Glower后,我发现我的脸没有那么容易出油,它能一直保持哑光和水分充足。
Juliet Soh, Business Owner & Mother, 45

使用欧丽芙(Auolive)Night Booster后,我的脸更加光滑,并且我的下巴部位的皮肤,也减少了下垂。


用过了Radiance Revealer 后,我更加高兴,因为我的皮肤立刻变得非常的光滑。更加重要的,我也看到了死去的皮肤被祛除掉了。 Gylleann Lau,
Marketing Manager, 30
用过欧丽芙(Auolive) Night Booster 后,我注意到,我的皮肤感觉更结实,也更加充满水分。 Chim Cheng Wai,
Engineer & Mother, 50s