How do Auolive skincare products save me time?

Auolive helps you to declutter. How? Many ladies experience confusion when it comes to selecting skincare products as there are so many ranges out there and many wonder where do they start? Auolive has introduced multi-functional products which simplifies the selection process and online purchase, hence saving you time.

As Auolive products are multi-functional with multiple benefits, you only need one product for day skincare and one for night. You only spend 1 minute applying 1 multi-functional product vs 4 different products.

Travelling will also be a breeze as you only pack one product for day and one for night!

What are the active ingredients used in Auolive products?

At Auolive, our products are formulated with natural active ingredients. Your skin will receive luxurious care, optimal nourishment and protection it needs to stay looking youthful, healthy and radiant.

Find out more about our natural active ingredients for each product here:
Day Glower
Night Booster
Radiance Revealer
Eyes Lifter

Are Auolive products paraben free?

Auolive products are paraben free. On top of that, at Auolive we formulate our products with:
• No colour
• Non-allergenic fragrances
• No mineral oils
• No sulphates

Are Auolive skincare products suitable for every skin type?

Auolive products are suitable for normal to combination/dry skin, and are good for all seasons and climates.

Are Auolive products water based or oil based?

Auolive products are all water-based.

Is there a specific way I should apply Auolive products?

Auolive products are specially formulated to simplify your skincare regimen.

After cleansing, just apply Eyes Lifter followed by Day Glower in the morning, and your day skincare regimen is done.

Likewise at night, after cleansing, just apply Eyes Lifter followed by Night Booster and you are ready for your beauty sleep.

Is Auolive tested on animals?

No. Auolive products are not tested on animals.

Are Auolive skincare products tested?

Auolive skincare products are Dermatologically and Clinically tested, as well as consumer-tested on a group of 25 ladies.

Where are Auolive products made?

Auolive products are Swiss-formulated and manufactured in Singapore under stringent conditions with high GMP* standards.

* GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, which are practices required to ensure products manufactured are consistently produced and controlled, adhering to quality standards

How should I store my Auolive skincare products?

Store your Auolive skincare products in a cool dry place. Avoid direct light or heat.


Why should I sign up for Auolive membership?

Auolive membership entitles you to special benefits just for members. Click here to read more.

How many tiers are there for the Auolive membership and how do I earn points?

There are two tiers- Silver and Gold. Make any purchase on and you'll be entitled to the Auolive membership.

Auolive Silver - qualify for this tier when you make any purchase.

Auolive Gold - qualify for this tier when you spend S$400 in a single transaction, or when you accumulate S$500 in spending over 6 months.

How do Auolive points work, and is there an expiry date?

Auolive Points are valid for one year, and all Auolive Points can be converted to e-vouchers. The e-vouchers are valid for one month from the date of conversion

You need a minimum of 500 Points to convert.

500 Points = S$5 Auolive e-voucher

What is the refer-a-friend programme about?

Share the benefits of Auolive and benefit as our members.

Auolive Silver members receive a S$10 Auolive e-voucher^ for every successful referral*.

Auolive Silver members receive a S$15 Auolive e-voucher^ for every successful referral*.

*Successful referral refers to friend that you have recommended (by a unique link) that has made a purchase in our Auolive e-store.

^The e-vouchers will be credited into your account as Auolive Points.

S$10 = 1,000 Points
S$15 = 1,500 Points

How do I refer a friend?

• Login to your account
• Under My Account, Go to Refer A Friend
• Every member will have a special link
• Refer as many friends on your social media network. If your friend clicks and buy our product,you will be credited with your e-voucher!

Can I earn points for writing reviews on Auolive skincare products?

You will earn 100 points when you review our products (1 legitimate review per product). Please send us your review at


What should I do if I have problems logging into my account?

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Please clear your cache and browser history. Close and open a new browser.

Make sure you are using the same email address and password you registered with.

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