The Auolive Story
A real woman's struggle leads to a real solution.


The Au family has been questioning themselves over the years... "How did the skincare practice of 'the more the merrier' for the beautification of a face get started?"
Claire grew up watching her mum Lisa juggle between a full time management job, business trips, family and her social calendar. In the eyes of little Claire, mum was always in a rush, especially in the mornings as she spent time applying layers of serums and creams' on her face before heading off to work and dad often asked "are you done?"

A business graduate from the Singapore Management University, Claire took the path less trodden as she moved on to start her first business venture in F & B. She realized that she can't keep up with her elaborate skincare routine in her time-constrained lifestyle of early hours and long nights.

But for the sake of beauty and a hint of denial, she tried her best to go through the tiring daily routine.
Since her teenage years,
Claire started to grow her stash of beauty & skincare products of numerous brands, thinking that she too has to go through the skincare regimen with multiple products and steps to maintain a good complexion and to stay beautiful.

It was not till she started working in a FMCG company that she questioned herself on what does a lady truly need to have beautiful skin.
Claire remembered how busy her mum was and knew she will want more time for family and pursue her interests. Marriage preparations and entering a new stage of life made her more convinced she was on the right track.

Much as she wanted to combat the signs of time, she realised she was actually wasting more precious time!

Knowing that this is a common beauty struggle for busy multi-tasking women, Claire wanted to make life better for them, her mum and for herself.

She is determined to find a solution.


Claire decided to embark on researching for simple effective skincare and sat the family down and asked for their opinions and support in this endeavor. Backed with years of successful business and marketing experience, her parents smiled and nodded in unison. Her dad jokingly exclaimed that she should have done this earlier, so he wouldn't have to be kept waiting so often!
At that very moment, the family established a goal - to formulate a range of effective multi-functional skincare products for today’s modern busy women.

After 2 years of intensive research and development.
Auolive is born!

Introducing AUOLIVE

Good skincare should not be a hassle. Understand more about how Auolive can help modern, busy woman like you to save time and still maintain beautiful skin.