What is Auolive Airless Bottle Technology?

Published : 04/23/2016 01:43:23
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Auolive uses premium Korean-made Airless Pump Bottles for highest standard of packaging and to ensure you get the most out of Auolive's quality skincare products.

Airless Packaging Delivers Maximum Performance.

Unlike the usual open valve bottles used, airless pump is air-tight to conceal and ensure the product has zero exposure to air, thus securing the delivery of maximum performance of the ingredients. 

Korean Airless Technology

Auolive's airless bottle technology can be found in its full range of products.

Auolive Products

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Airless Packaging Prevents Contamination

With skincare products in jars and bottles which can be opened, repeated direct contact with the contents in them, such as finger dipping into content plus repeated exposure of the contents to air, may cause contamination.

Instead of inner metal spring for the pump in a conventional bottle, Auolive’s airless pump bottle is using an outer metal spring, thus keeping sensitive skincare product from directly contacting the metal.

Airless Packaging Prevents Wastage & Spills

Airless packaging is leak proof and tamper proof. This makes it much easier to ship and travel with.

Get every bit from your bottle with zero wastage, as product will not get stuck in the dip-tube or around the opening valve. It is also leak proof and tamper proof. This makes it much easier to bring along on the go or for travel.

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