The Who, Why, What, Where, When & How of Eye Creams

Published : 06/22/2016 23:17:02
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You Need To Read This Before Applying Eye Cream!

We've spoken to many women and realised that there are many misconceptions about eye creams - from what to apply and how to apply. Applied correctly, eye creams can hydrate and enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Do I Specifically Need Eye Cream?

Who & Why

Some people have the misconception that it's ok to use facial moisturisers for their eye area as well but that's a big nono! The skin around your eye area is much thinner, more sensitive and delicate than the other parts of your face, so you need a separate cream that is specially formulated for the eye area.


Avoid heavy creams and opt for eyes creams that are fragrance-free where possible because fragrances may cause skin irritation. Auolive Eyes Lifter is a fragrance-free invigorating eye serum that is water-based, and our customers have raved that it hydrates their eye area without causing milia seeds. It is power-packed with an innovative blend of active compounds and natural active ingredients to target imperfections and signs of ageing around the eyes.

Where & How

Apply with gentle circular movements on the upper lids to avoid discomfort and pressure on the eyeballs. Focus should be over the eyelid area.

Step 1

Squeeze a bit of eye cream (just one quarter pump of Auolive Eyes Lifter) onto your 4th finger and dab gently (no pulling please) around the eye contour. Refer to the arrows in the picture. Avoid applying eye cream too near the eyes because it will travel and spread as it heats up with your body temperature. A lot of women apply eye cream all over the lower and upper eyelid-that’s a big no-no because it may seep into and irritate your eyes.

Step 2

Smooth over the eye bag area with a gentle outwards uplifiting movement until absorbed. To achieve optimal effect, spread outwards towards the upper lid (just below the eye brow area and also above the eye brow) and massage in a circular movement outwards as per the diagram below.

Step 3

If you have more time, focus on each acupuncture point to promote blood circulation. Push at the point for about 3 seconds. At each point, repeat this 3 times.


Use twice a day - every morning and night after cleansing, before applying moisturiser on the rest of your face and neck. Wait a few minutes for your skin to absorb the eye cream before applying makeup to prevent smudging.

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