Do you avoid putting sunscreen because it's sticky?

Published : 10/02/2017 21:19:53
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I hear a lot of ladies tell me they don't like to apply sunblock because it's oily, sticky, and leaves a cloying feeling. Are you one of them too? Further

I hear a lot of ladies tell me they don't like to apply sunblock because it's oily, sticky, and leaves a cloying feeling. Are you one of them too? Furthermore, it's made worse when you have to apply

An All-in-one Moisturiser -Absorbs Quickly With No Oily Feel

I hear you and share the same sentiments! That's why I've formulated the Auolive Day Glower to be a day moisturiser and sunblock that is lightweight and absorbs quickly. It is a multi-functional moisturiser with brightening and anti-ageing properties, and also doubles up as a primer when you put makeup. After applying the Day Glower, you only need to pat on some powder and you’re good to go.


Read the Glowing Review of the Award-Winning Day Glower on

Image Credit: Marie France Asia


We have received a raving beauty review of the award-winning Auolive Day Glower on beauty news platform, Marie France Asia!

Here’s what they said:

"Every morning, before I leave the house, it is inherent that I moisturise my face and apply sunscreen. This often leaves my skin feeling like an oleaginous canvas, until my skin fully soaks up the double layers of lotion. But, thanks to Auolive, I’m no longer plagued by that problem. With their incredibly formulated Day Glower, my moisturiser and sunscreen are melded seamlessly into a single sleek product, saving me time and effort. The formula itself is light and sheer, promising to exterminate the cloying feeling my skin had always experienced previously. After application, I’m left with a smooth complexion that’s ready to take on the sun. My skin feels slightly dewy, which makes it the perfect base for whatever makeup I throw on. I was surprised to see how obediently my makeup stayed on the whole day. Amazingly, not once did my skin feel oily at all throughout the entire day."


Contains Natural Active Ingredients with No Paraben

The award-winning Day Glower is a water-based day moisturiser formulated using natural active ingredients like Squalene and Gingko Biloba with revitalizing, firming and anti-ageing properties. It contains no paraben, alcohol, colour, mineral oils and sulphates and is not tested on animals. It is dermatologically and clinically tested by an independent 3rd-party laboratory used by the big names in the skincare industry for your safety and peace of mind.


Airless Bottle Perfect For Travelling

Auolive uses airless twist-cap bottles instead of jars in order to keep the ingredients in their optimum condition and minimise contamination, because anti-ageing ingredients age very quickly. The airless bottles are spill- and leak-proof, perfect for travelling. You do not need to worry about losing the bottle cap when you travel! In the past, I would need to pack 6-8 skincare products when I go overseas and put them in a ziplock bag in case they leak, but now I only need 3-4.


Auolive - One Of The Ten Local Beauty Brands That Have Broken Ground In Singapore

Other than the glowing review, Marie France Asia also named Auolive as one of the ten local beauty brands that have broken ground in Singapore! You can read more about the review here:


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