7 common eye care mistakes that's messing with your eyes

Published : 10/20/2016 15:38:28
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Thou shall not

Your eyes are the windows to your soul—they speak volumes and help you to express yourself without words. So it’s only right that you treat them with TLC especially since the skin around your eyes are thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face. With the constant blinking and eye movements we make, the eye area is susceptible to early onset of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

On top of taking care of your peepers, you can reap the benefits of good eye care tenfold by supplementing it with a multi-benefit eye serum like Auolive’s Eyes Lifter.

The eye area is susceptible to early onset of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Power packed with active compounds, Hydro-Lupine Complex, and Palmitoyl-O-T7 Peptide this eye serum will help target imperfections such as fine lines, sagging skin and dark eye circles.

Here are the 7 commandments when it comes to eye care boo boos. Cross them off your list and you’ll be batting your way to looking years younger in no time!

1. Sleep with your eye makeup on

This is a no-brainer but strangely, many of us have committed this mistake one too many times out of sheer laziness. You might think it won’t do much harm, but this is the fastest way to catch an eye infection or styes.

2. Wear sunglasses only when it’s sunny

Even when the sun is not out in full force, you should always be sure to protect your eyes. . UV rays reflected into your eyes can cause the same damage as direct exposure such as cataract, cornea burns and skin cancer. Yep, time to shade up (sun or no sun).

3. Rub your eyes

Not only do you risk tearing the cornea , you are also susceptible to eye infections as your hands carry plenty of germs. Rubbing and constant touching of your eyes also causes loose and saggy skin, which ages!!

4. Remove or apply eye makeup wrongly

It’s not rocket science but because the skin around your eyes is really delicate, you should always be gentle when applying and removing eye makeup. Use a good remover meant for the eyes and all you need to do is a gentle swipe to get even stubborn mascara off. As for applying concealer, dab it on with your ring finger as the pressure applied is gentler.

5. Fail to get enough beauty sleep

Your body needs ample rest to heal and work wonders on your skin. Staying up late will result in unsightly dark eye circles, puffiness and will speed up the process of ageing. The optimum time for your body to work its beauty magic is between 12 midnight and 6am so don’t let your sleep debt show up on your eyes, and hit the sheets early. Eye serums do work but only when in tandem with having enough sleep.

6. Use your face moisturiser as an eye cream

They might be the same texture and set out to correct certain skin concerns, but substituting an eye cream with a facial moisturiser might be more bane than boon. The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face so eye creams are generally formulated to be gentler. Face moisturisers can also be too heavy and oily, causing milia seeds around the eyes.

7. Staring at your phone or tablet for too long

The blue light that your electronic devices emits can mess with your sleep pattern, and it also puts a strain on your eyes resulting in tired-looking peepers. Make sure to take frequent breaks and keep your phone away at least an hour before bedtime. All the nighttime squinting will bring out those dreaded crows feet earlier than expected—yikes!

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