Can we save you 30 minutes a day, ladies?

Published : 04/23/2016 01:42:07
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What would you do if you had an extra half hour every day?

Quite a lot, considering that many women these days have myriad commitments, such as having to raise a family while climbing the corporate ladder or balancing both - it would be almost impossible to do it all if women weren't so adept at multi-tasking.

In fact Singaporeans tend to work hard and work late too. A recent Labour Market report showed that Singaporeans work an average of 46 hours in a week! We are sure there are many that clocked more than that!

Now, we know time is priceless. Since we are so strapped for time, you will be glad to know that the luxury of time can be within your reach.

If you don't believe us, then reflect on how much time you currently spend on your morning and night beauty regimens every day. After cleansing, you probably use a toner, followed by an essence, a serum, a moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning, and sleeping mask at night. Factor in the extra minutes that you need to wait for each product to be fully absorbed into the skin before moving on to the next product and, well, that's just a lot of time spent on our face! Skincare should really be hassle-free and not add a strain to our lives (nor our pockets).

An extra 30 minutes a day totals 182.5 hours a year!

That valuable time could be used to enrich your life in so many ways.

With half an hour more in your day, you could spend a little more time with your little ones, work on a pending work proposal, catch up on some much-needed sleep, exercise, read, or watch an episode of your favourite drama series!

One Product, Multiple Benefits

While we recognise the importance of looking and feeling good, we also know that there are many other things going on in your life that are equally deserving of your attention. Time with family, friends, and of course, the most significant person in your life - you.

At Auolive, we want to help you trim the clutter in your life, starting with your dressing table. Why use three or more products, when all you need is one efficacious product to address all your skincare needs?

Our Swiss-formulated premium facial skincare line uses the best of natural active ingredients to provide luxurious pampering and protect your skin from signs of premature ageing. Best of all, you need just one multifunctional skincare product for day, and another for night. 1 step with only a minute for application, we believe 2 minutes is really all you need for your skin to look its radiant best.

Auolive's Day Glower is a lightweight, antioxidant moisturiser with six benefits (antiageing, sun protection, brightening, hydrating, nourishing, and a good primer) while an application of Night Booster before you sleep will help nourish your skin and aid its repair through the night.

Night Booster is packed with a high concentration of pure Marine collagen to stave off signs of ageing, plus the beauty benefits you desire - lifting, hydrating, radiance-boosting and contouring.

If your eyes are in need of a little TLC, try our Eyes Lifter to help fight signs of ageing. For more targeted care, use Radiance Revealer. A weekly exfoliator infused with the Superfruit pomegranate, it can revive that natural litfrom-within glow in your face instantly.

Let Auolive do the multi-tasking

Some people think they need to spend a lot of time and money on multiple products and beauty steps to see results. At Auolive, however, we believe that less is more. Rather than putting the burden on women to juggle a complicated skincare routine, we believe that it's our revolutionary skincare formulation that should be doing the multi-tasking instead.

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